Natural Processing

Natural Processing (NP) “is a somatically-based process-oriented therapy” developed by Craig Penner, LMFT ( His approach combines Somatic and EMDR Therapies. This process allows one to experience a deeper awareness of the body and the nervous system while the bilateral stimulation helps the brain work more efficiently.

To explain the process in laymen’s terms, we may often feel the effects of negative experiences that have occurred in our lives. These experiences may prevent us from being productive, intimate or even relational. We may feel our heart rate increase, our breathing constricted and/or find ourselves feeling very alone or abandoned. We often long for these unpleasant situations to come to some sort of resolution.

Using Natural Processing in my therapy practice with clients has been a different approach from traditional talk therapy. Integrating this approach helps clients move toward resolution and integration. Common client comments are “Wow! What just happened?” . . . “I feel so relaxed” . . . or “What a way to start a day!”