Partners of Addicts and Betrayed Spouses

Are you married to or in a relationship with someone who is struggling with sexually-compulsive behavior? If you experience some or any of the following characteristics, you may be exhibiting Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD): difficulty sleeping, concentrating, eating (too little or too much), obsessive and intrusive thoughts, flashbacks, feeling like you’re going crazy or in an emotional abyss and hyper-vigilance. You might also feel betrayed by the person whom you thought you loved and trusted. You may even wonder if you caused or are somehow at fault for that person’s actions. This can be a very painful, overwhelming and stressful experience.

Getting the help and guidance you need is so very important to your recovery. We will need to get your Autonomic Nervous System back on track so your highs and lows will be in the Window of Tolerance. This means you will be able to concentrate, focus, and not feel like you are going crazy.

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